VenusVenus er ikke knyttet kun til romantikk og kjærlighet. Den er nært knyttet til vår tenkning og vårt panne chakra. Venus bidrar til å forene vår sjel og personlighet i det såkalte himmelske bryllup. I denne artikkelene gir Alan Oken oss et særdeles godt innblikk i hvordan Venus jobber i kulissene for å oppnå den hun ønsker.


In this article, I would like to examine Venus from a number of different perspectives so that our approach to the understanding of this kindly and beautiful sphere is broadened both in terms of our individual life and the collective life of humanity. Venus represents first and foremost the principle of fusion. As the majority of people are seeking to fuse and thus merge with the object of their desires, Venus is most well known in only these two of her many guises. As the ruler of Libra, she is the “Goddess of Love”, revealing through her position in our natal horoscope, the path to partnership, personal love, relationship and marriage. It is through this sign that Venus represents the urge to merge with people. As the ruler of Taurus, she is the “Goddess of Wealth”, expressing via her placement in our chart, our relationship to money, possessions, and the nature of our personal magnetism that attracts such riches into our lives. It is through this sign that Venus signifies the urge to merge with form. But these are only the most obvious and simplest manifestations of a very complex planetary being, one whose importance at this time in human history is paramount.


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