LøvenLøven er tegnet for individualitet. Vår egenart og våre unike talenter skal løftes opp og ut. For at dette skal bli en suksess og ikke en fiasko vil det være nødvendig å tufte arbeidet på en sterk identitet som er forankret i egen sjel. Alan Oken gir oss en glitrende analyse av dette tegn.


Astrology allows us to see ourselves as an expression of a system of interactive energies and forces that give rise to various types of actions and reactions. Its advanced study also reveals how we may look upon our lives more objectively and even to grasp the universality of our being. Astrology asks us to envision a larger picture of the cosmos rather then one only seen through the limited lens of our personalities. Once we open ourselves to our true nature, we may then understand that we are connected as one human family to the Family of the planets and stars. A.O.


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