KrepsenDe tolv husene i horoskopet beskriver våre omgivelser og det miljø vi omgir oss med. Hva vil det si at vi for eksempel har krepsen i femte hus? I denne artikkelen får vi en beskrivelse av krepsen i de ulike hus.

Both physicist and metaphysician agree that the beginning of our manifested universe came from One Source and that all subsequent forms of life are composed of this primordial matter. Where the two camps differ is that the metaphysician and student of The Ancient Wisdom would go on to state that the matter of the universe is alive and intelligent. We would say that this Life and this Great Intelligence can be experienced by those men and women sensitive enough to recognize Its Presence. We would also say that this Life inhabits all matter thus transcending it, and that we are also that Life, incarnating in human form. —A.O.


The word “foundation” accurately describes the function of Cancer in the zodiac of the signs. Exoterically and in practical terms, this sense of anchoring externalizes through the commonly known definition of Cancer as the sign of the home, ruled by the Moon symbolizing one’s mother. This is quite true but if we add the soul- centered meanings of this sign and planet combination, we come to a much deeper and broader definition of the purpose of the Crab and its planetary ruler in our lives. In soul-centered astrology, we understand Cancer, foundation and the home to indicate the primary urge to integrate the personality so that it might reflect the intent of the soul, also symbolized by the Moon



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