TyrenTyren er knyttet til vårt verdigrunnlag. Hva ser vi på som verdifullt? Er det indre eller ytre verdier som teller mest. Evnen til å se livet innenfra og ut i et klart og tydelig lys er en av tyrens største gaver. Alan Oken utdyper.


The more I meditate upon the principle of goodwill and associate with people whose life focus is grounded in the Willto-Good, the more I realize just how powerful and positive goodwill can be. It is of prime importance for us to accept the fact that power centered in the heart is something good. As my perceptions of the true nature of willpower become a certainty, it is also certain that my life becomes centered in the Soul. I then realize that this power is Love and that the Will has become yet another tool for healing. --A.O.

Astrology is a language of symbols. Yet these symbols are very powerful for when we are attuned to them and correctly interpret them, we communicate the potency of the energy that these symbols contain. The symbol for Taurus is not only a pictograph of the face and horns of the Bull, it is also an ideograph expressing illustrating some of the most important characteristics of this sign.


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